Can A Mt. Juliet Chiropractor Help With Sciatica?

Can A Mt. Juliet Chiropractor Help With Sciatica?

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Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica typically affects one side of the body, originating from the spine and radiating down the back of the leg. The pain may vary in terms of frequency, severity, or it may be constant.

Some common symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in the rear or leg that is worse when sitting
  • Hip pain
  • Burning or tingling down the leg
  • Weakness, numbness, or difficulty moving the leg or foot
  • A constant pain on one side of the rear
  • A shooting pain that makes it difficult to stand up

If you experience sciatica, you may be wondering ‘what triggers sciatica?’.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica is caused by irritation of the nerves in the lower spine. When the bones in our spine shift out of proper alignment (also known as a subluxation), those bones put pressure on the nerve roots causing them to become irritated and inflamed. Subluxations are caused by physical, emotional, and chemical stressors.

  • Examples of stressors:
  • Sports injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Sitting at a computer all day
  • Loss of loved one
  • Starting a new job
  • Changes in medication
  • Side effects of medication
  • Poor diet/ excess weight

How Does Chiropractic Help With Sciatica?

Spinal adjustments are at the core of Chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments will help to realign the spine and take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve. Once the pressure is off, the nerves can begin to function properly and the body can begin to heal itself from the inside out.

When you come to see Dr. Evan Pridmore, not only will he adjust your spine but he will also send you home with a sciatica toolkit of stretches and exercises that will help support your spinal health.

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