What To Expect in Mt. Juliet TN

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We hope that everyone who comes through our front door feels welcome and is happy to be here! To help you understand what to expect during your first visit to TruRoots Health Center here in Mt. Juliet TN, we’ve created a step-by-step overview of the whole process!

Tour our office in Mt. Juliet TN

We like to take all our new practice members on a tour of the office. This allows us to get to know you a little better and introduce you to our practice. We take a few moments to explain our methods and help you understand a bit more about principled chiropractic care.

Meet The Doctor

After the tour, you’ll sit down with our Chiropractor Dr. Evan and one of our team members for a face-to-face healthcare consultation. We will talk about your current issues, past health concerns, goals for recovery, as well as any other healthcare issues that may be relevant so we can get to the root of any issues and being creating a plan for growing into truhealth!

Chiropractic Assessments & Exam

At this stage, we will perform a complete physical examination using advanced technology and methods published and certified by NASA and SPACE (pretty cool right?). By evaluating your nervous system and muscles, we are able to discover where dysfunction and subluxations exist which is another important step on your journey to optimal health!

Diagnostic Imaging

After the physical exam and cool assessments, we will take x-rays, as well as any other diagnostic imaging that may be required, so we closely examine your skeletal system. This aids in confirming a preliminary diagnoses and will allow us to approach adjustments with the most detailed information possible. That is it for visit one, we’ll need some time to evaluate all the information we gathered so that we can prepare a customized plan just for you!

Review Report Of Findings With The Chiropractor

On your follow-up visit, we will sit down with you and your loved ones, so that we can present a detailed report of our findings. This includes an analysis of your diagnostic imaging and the results of your examination. After we share the details of our report, we will discuss your customized plan of corrective care as well as the payment options so that you know what to expect going forward.

The process of growing into truehealth takes all of us!

We will create a customized plan for corrective care and to truly experience optimal health and wellness, you will need to commit to your appointments and make any lifestyle changes needed.

Patience is also essential. We are all uniquely created and while some see improvements right away, others take more time.

It is also helpful to know that some temporary stiffness and discomfort are normal. These healing sensations are a sign of your body correcting itself as your nervous system function is restored.


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