Technology & Kids Health: How To Avoid Consequences Of Tech Neck

Technology & Kids Health: How To Avoid Consequences Of Tech Neck

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Technology is a wonderful, beautiful, ever-evolving resource that has, in many ways, made our lives much easier. However, with the pros come the cons so I am going to discuss how technology use affects our children’s health.

What is Tech Neck? (Also known as “Text Neck”)

Tech Neck is an overuse syndrome involving the head, neck, and shoulders, usually resulting from excessive strain on the spine from looking in a forward and downward position at any handheld mobile device, i.e., mobile phone, video game, computer, or e-reader. This can lead to pain and discomfort such as:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Breathing compromise
  • Arthritis
  • Disc injury
  • Muscle strain

The time your child spends looking at a screen can cause damage to the structures in the neck and spine. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your kids take steps to stay healthy as they navigate the world of technology.

5 Ways to Reduce the Risks of Tech Neck in Mt. Juliet

Let’s face it, technology isn’t going anywhere. So we need to establish routines for our children that will help mitigate the adverse effects technology has on our health.

  • Encourage Physical Activity: The more involved children are in physical activities, the less opportunity they have to engage in technology. As a parent, encourage them to try hobbies that involve being outdoors or playing a sport.
  • Stretch Daily: Stretching can help take tension off the spine. Make it a daily habit to stretch with your children either first thing in the morning or right before bedtime.
    Be Mindful of How Technology is Used: Show your children how to properly position their devices so that their head and neck is not in a forward, downward position. Devices should be held in front of their face at eye level.
  • Limit Screen Time: Limiting screen time and helping your child to find a balance between the online world and the real world is important. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children over 2 years of age shouldn’t have more than two hours of screen time each day.
  • Visit a Chiropractor: Spinal Health is important for all ages. As you can see, everyday stressors like using technology can have a great impact on our little one’s health. We can’t get rid of technology but we can take a proactive approach with our children’s health. Here at TruRoots Health Center, we can help alleviate stress on the spine and ensure proper spinal alignment.

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